Shoulder Anatomy

Shoulder Anatomy

Learn the muscles, ligaments and bones of the shoulder joint, plus watch videos about shoulder range of movement and the shoulder nerves, and download a free anatomy poster!

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Find out everything you need to know about the anatomy of the muscular and skeletal systems.

Musculoskeletal Articles

Trigger Points

Learn about skeletal muscle pain with our free blog about the causes, symptoms and management of Trigger Points.

Elbow Anatomy

Want to learn all about the elbow’s anatomy? Learn in-depth elbow motion, bones and joints of the elbow, muscles and ligaments here with our free resource. Download your free poster on elbow anatomy while you’re here.

Types of Skeletal Joints

Learn about the anatomy of the human joints. Functional. structural, synovial, ball & socket, fibrous, and cartilaginous joints. Free poster download.

Types of Muscles

Test your knowledge on the Muscles of the Human Body. The human body consists of three major muscle types: cardiac, smooth and skeletal – learn muscle anatomy here with free downloads.

Muscle Groups

Learn about muscle groups of the human body. The muscles of the upper and lower human body explored in our blog. With free downloads too!

Spinal Nerve Anatomy

Learn about the complex anatomy of the spinal nerves and dermatomes, plus download a poster showing cervical spinal cord anatomy.

Hand & Wrist Anatomy

Take a look at our free resource all about the anatomy of the hand and wrist. Hand and wrist motion, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels and nerves are explored with a free poster also to download.

Skeleton Anatomy

Download free prinatble anatomy posters and activity sheets of the human skeleton, plus learn about the bones of the body and fun facts!

Spine Anatomy (Vertebrae)

Spine Anatomy (Vertebrae) – the spine’s motion, bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, blood supply, and nerves are learned in this free resource with free downloadable posters.

Skull Anatomy

Learn more about skull anatomy with free PDFs. Free posters and activity sheets. Learn about the skull bones, nerves and much more with our anatomy blog.