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Product Information

The RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator 

This award-winning wearable RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator enables users to personally experience a variety of age-related physical challenges such as stooped posture and restricted range of motion. The experience helps them develop a unique sensitivity and understanding toward the elderly. The ageing simulator includes a sensitivity suit, walker, storage case, and curriculum.


The Geriatric Simulator is a wearable suit that allows students to understand a range of the physical challenges and ailments experienced by elderly patients. The simulator includes the sensitivity suit (features a weight vest, 2 ankle weights, 4 wrist weights, 2 elbow restraints, 2 knee restraints, 2 gloves, cervical collar and set of 6 visual impairment glasses), a walker, storage case and teaching tools (includes 9 lesson curriculum, presentation slides and assessment activities).

The geriatric simulator allows students to experience the following sensations:

• Visual Impairment
• Restricted motion
• Decreased mobility
• Stooping
• Sensation loss in hands
• Joint stiffness
• Loss of strength
• Fatigue
• Change in body image
• Loss of sense of balance
• Confusion

An informative experience for all students working with elderly patients, helping them to develop awareness and empathy.

Useful Guides

Download the Classroom Ideas to Help Students Develop Empathy Towards Older Adults

Classroom Ideas to Help Students Develop Empathy Towards Older Adults


Download the Geriatric Training Implementation Guide



Geriatric Experience Curriculum

Download the Geriatric Experience Curriculum Overview


Download a Sample Lesson from the Geriatric Curriculum 



EASI Empathetic Age suit

A full-body suit that simulates the effects of age: reduced muscle strength, changes in sensory recognition and decreased range of movement.

geriatric simulation suit was designed by Erler Zimmer as a result of long-term research about age simulation. Wearers of the suit are given a unique insight into the main effects of ageing, inspiring empathy and understanding and enhancing training and simulation scenarios.

realcare geriatric simulator

Specifically, the EASI Empathetic Age suit provides the following simulation effects:

• Increased gravity experience because of reduced muscle strength because of ageing
• Changes in sense recognition, especially in the fields of vision and hearing, as well as the ability in grasping and walking
• Progressive limitation of movement, especially in the area of spine as well as shoulder and hip area.


The EASI Empathic Age Simulator consists of:

• A visor with exchangeable simulation foils (cataract, glaucoma and ARMD). Foils can be exchanged quick and easily via a magnet system.
• Weighted vest and shorts, adjustable to size and grade of handicap.
• Weighted shoes and gloves, size adjustable
• Modular rubber connections between head and trunk as well as arms and trunk. Adjustable to grade of handicap.
• Rugged trolley bag for transport and storage
• Instructions for use of the simulator

The EASI Empathetic Age Simulator will help students and professionals who work with elderly people and is also a useful tool for businesses looking to understand the needs of your aged customers, such as access.

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