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Discover health and wellness articles on various health and wellness topics from healthy eating to exercise and smoking to mental health and much more.

Health & Wellness Articles

The Nature of Ageing

The nature of ageing looks at the physical, psychological, social effects of ageing. Healthy lifestyle tips to ensure healthy ageing. Healthy ageing can be amazing and positive with a good attitude, healthy eating, exercise and good mental health practices. Free downloads available.

Sensitivity Towards Geriatric Patients

Learn how to empathise and understand geriatric sensitivity. Also what teaching tools suit todays’ students to teach empathy – the Geriatric Simulator teaches empathy to students interactively.

Falls Prevention in the Elderly

Falls prevention in the elderly. Falls, unfortunately, are all too common in the elderly population. Falls place you at risk of serious injury, but the good news is you can try to minimise your risk of falling with simple tips.

Safety In The Sun

Recognise ways to keep skin safe in the sun with our blog. Sun safety is essential to avoid skin cancer and other skin disease. Sun exposure should be limited and be sun safe.

Healthy Relationships

Learn how to spot of you are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship. Signs of a toxic relationship might include consent issues, control, disrespect and more. Open communication, trust and mutual respect are the core ingredients in a healthy relationship. Free resources with free PDF downloads on healthy relationships.

Weight Management

Weight management helps prevent obesity and leads to a healthier lifestyle. Our free resource on weight management with free PDF downloads is available here. Learn how to manage your weight and stay a healthy weight.


Do you want to know about consent issues? What is consent in a relationship? Sex without consent is a crime – it’s rape. With free PDF downloads and related resources.

Different ways to perform CPR

Different ways to perform CPR in our free resource. Free PDF downloads on related systems. Learn how to perform CPR, traditionally or hands-only CPR.

Stress Management

Want to learn about stress? How to manage your stress? Stress techniques that will help. With free PDF downloads.

Sex Education

Sex education is an important issue for young people to learn. WE look at what it is, consent, safety and emotions. With free PDF downloads about sex education issues.