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Tips for your clinical years of medical school

The clinical years of medical school can be challenging so here are some tips from a med student to help you through! Make notes, remember confidentiality, ask for support, and enjoy the experiences.

Top Tips for Studying Anatomy

Anatomy can be a fun subject for all new medical students – find ways and tips on how to enjoy learning anatomy as a new student in this free resource written by a med student who knows all about anatomy!

Calling all new Medical Students!

Calling all medical students! We look at the tips to help you on your academic journey of study as a med student. With digital downloads, free resources & our anatomy colouring book, all to support med students learn anatomy!

Starting Medical School – Tips to Settle in

Tips to help you settle into medical school! Starting med school can be daunting, but by being organised, involved socially and feeling part of the school, it will seem less daunting and more enjoyable.