Written by: Anne Marie Fogarty, RGN

Invest your Budget 

Medical education has advanced significantly over the last decade. Simulators and trainers are the norm now in clinical skills training. Technically advanced and reliable training products are a must, and that’s exactly why we have an innovative selection of top-brand products at affordable prices.

Bowel Care and Enema Trainer

Innovative training products – bridging the theory-practice gap

One of the most prominent realisations any newly qualified health professional experiences is when they realise the gap between theory and practice as a qualified, responsible professional—clinical skills training and practice help to bridge that gap. So, we know students need to practice with good quality products, but we also know these products need to be cost-effective. You don’t want to blow the annual budget out the roof! That’s where we come in, with a solution to combine high quality with cost-effectiveness so that future professionals won’t experience that void between theory and practice.

Catheterisation Simulator BASIC Set (Male and Female)

5 Reasons to Buy from AnatomyStuff

What you will receive from us is a guarantee of quality, dedication, and affordable products. Using good quality trainers, models, and anatomical and patient education charts makes practical skills training realistic, reliable, and enjoyable.


1. Buying from us is more than a purchase; it’s an investment, an experience if you like. Professionals will greet you from the start. All of our team have a dedication to customer service and patient care. We thrive on delivering a quality service that stands out.


2. Our approach puts patient care and safety central, surrounded by quality trained professionals whom we as a society trust. We trust they are competent, and having excellent clinical practice makes for safer care. That practice starts with ensuring they use the best technologies on the market while retaining a realistic price point.


3. Custom products put you in the driving seat. Sometimes it’s a challenge to find exactly what you need for training. That’s where custom products shine through—making the product to suit your needs.


4. Our trainers, models, and charts will transform clinical skills by providing students with the best trainers and models for demonstration, practical skill training and teaching vital clinical skills, revolutionising the future of clinical skills practice. Practising skills on as realistic as possible models will support the transition from textbook learning to real-life practice.


5. You’ll receive a quote within 2 hours; we are competitively priced, highly dedicated to consumer satisfaction, and have custom products meeting your needs.


Invest in tomorrow’s professionals

Invest your budget wisely with durable, flexible products. Invest in people of the future of health care by providing them with practical clinical skills trainers that are realistic and easy to work with.

We’re standing on the edge of the future of healthcare, offering innovative products that will enhance clinical skills, provide real-life training, sharpen practice, and result in the delivery of professionals of the future.

Polish their skills with sensible investment into tomorrow’s world of healthcare.

Some of our clinical skills products include nursing manikins, patient simulators, anatomical charts and posters, bowel care and catheter care models and trainers, injection training products, basic life support, wound pressure care, gynae care, advanced life support, and so much more.



Medical simulators and trainers are used throughout medical education, continued professional development and postgraduate education, with a clinical skills function and a diagnostic value.

Clinical skills are vital elements of training; products need to be versatile, durable, and cost-effective – we have supplied the NHS for over 20 years because our range is just that with a dollop of future-forward thinking on top!

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