Ostomy Care

Ostomy Care

Ostomy care & care of the patient with a new stoma is explained & revised in this free resource. Explaining how to assess, clean, measure the stoma, observe for complications, and maintain a holistic…

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Clinical Skills

A free resource for clinical & medical/professional audiences, caring for patients. Information on clinical, medical, and nursing issues & procedures.

Clinical Skills Articles

Healthcare Packs for Care Management

Healthcare & nursing care plans & referral forms for optimum patient recording, observation and documentation of care. Care referral packs for GPs, and community specialists for optimum care coordination.

Dr. Baptiste Advice on OSCE Prep – Urinary Incontinence

Dr Patrice Baptiste meets with us to discuss all things OSCE related. OSCE preparation with in-depth revision guides/notes from Dr Baptiste. Dr Patrice Baptiste advises on OSCE preparation – OSCE preparation on Obstetrics and Gynaecology Rotation: Urinary incontinence and prolapse.

Invest Your Budget

Cost-effective budget-friendly clinical skills trainers & simulators & models at AnatomyStuff. Nurse manikins, ostomy & enema trainers, RealCare babies simulators, geriatric simulations, anatomy charts & posters, models of anatomy & catheterisation trainers, injection training skills models – at affordable prices.

Language to Use When Caring for Elderly People

How you speak to your patients/clients is vital for a healthy professional and supportive relationship in healthcare settings. Use respectful language and never be obviously impatient or disrespectful or use language that disempowers patients. Healthcare workers have a duty of care to patients to use dignified language with older patients.

Breaking Bad News

Breaking bad news to the patient and family can be a challenging part of medicine. Read here to better understand breaking bad news.


Sepsis – we look at the signs & symptoms, the risk groups, treatment & ways to help prevent sepsis. This infection can be very serious if untreated.

Medicines Optimisation

Medication management is a key area of medical practice. Learn the information you need to know before you manage medication for your patients.

How to manage heatstroke

Do you know the signs of heatstroke? Learn how to recognise and treat heatstroke in the clinical setting.